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[Princess to be] Dennis

best choices are marked as turquoise Gute Auswahl ist in türkis markiert. Chapter 01 – 09 … I’ll try my best ! I … don’t believe I can I’d … like to return to the palace Chapter 02 – Is that alright ? But I feel bad … Please do …

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[Lost Alice] Red Huber

If I’ve forgotten something or I got something wrong please report it in the comment section. Thanks ^.^ Falls ich was vergessen haben sollte bzw. was falsch ist, bitte in den Kommentaren melden danke ^.^ Prologue Chapter 01 ( 7 Parts ) [ 01 – 03  ] Decided my only …

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[Love Ice Rink] Kisara

Chapter 01 It’s not a bad idea. I’d like to get to know you too. I thought you wanted to go home. Chapter 2 Kiss him on the cheek Kiss him on the lips Don’t kiss him Chapter 3 I don’t want to do it ! There’s absolutely no way …

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