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ALSG : Shadowtime

[ Last modified : 18.11.2018]

Markierter Text ist die Auswahl die ich getroffen habe, muss aber nicht die richtige Antwort sein. Das Spiel ist noch nicht abgeschlossen ! Bis jetzt gibt es 4 Kapitel.

The colored answer is the one I picked. But that doesn’t mean it is the best choice. The game is still ongoing ! 4 chapters online at the moment.

Chapter 1 : The Beginning or the End

Don’t React.
Move Aside.
Answer him.

Follow him.

Hide it behind your back.
Mom ? Are you home ?

Take everything out.
Observe the Equipment.
Read the Manual.

Connect the Equipment with the computer.
Try the goggles.
Install the game.

Ask a sales Clerk.
Find it yourself.
I’ll buy it next time.


I don’t have time.
Say nothing.

You’re kidding ?!
Is the Equipment safe ?
You’re a Genius !
Tell me all there is to it …

Bye, Daisuke !
Thanks … I gotta rush …

Send him a message.
Never mind …

Watch TV.
Play Shadowtime.
Turn on my laptop.

Chapter 2 : Shadowtime

This should be easy.
This is frightening me.
Alright, I’ll choose.



Go left.
Go right.

Stay there.

Go left.
Go right.
Go on straight ahead.

Don’t answer.
Run away.
I .. I’m not …
I’m Lilica.

I know what you mean.
I haven’t seen anything.

Ask the guards.
Wait till they let you in.

Don’t say anything.
Run !
Who are YOU ?

Chapter 3 : The Finger of Destiny

Don’t answer.
Explain …
Get angry …

Not sure yet.

Run away.
Remain silent.

Are you following me ?
You scared me !
Push his hand off.

What’s this ?
It’s open !
For me ?

Do you know Hiroki ?
You think he saw me ?
What did you talk about ?

Send a message to Daisuke.
Call Daisuke.

I refuse your help.
How ?
I’ll get by on my own.

I don’t get it.
I don’t have time for that.
I’m not good enough.

How ?
We’ll play together ?

But that’s cheating.
I’m not sure if I can make it.

With your help.

Approach the trader.
Approach the blacksmith.
Go to the inn.

I don’t know …
Accommodation ?
Quests ?

It’s urgent.
Clever and dirty.
Only for the Brave Ones.

Chapter 4 : A Quest for Life

Get out of the inn.
Push him.
Say hi.

Quest: Urgent !
Quest: Clever …
Quest: For the Brave Ones !

“Fire Arrow”
Throw a stone !

Call Daisuke.
Send Daisuke a text.
Don’t tell Daisuke anything.

Roast Chicken.
Fruit and wine.

Arm yourself with the bow and arrow.
Cast the spell Summon a Monster.

Try harder !
Call for help !

Why ?
Defend yourself !
Make a threat.
Say thanks.


Chapter 5 : Last Chance

Report a malfunction.
Call Daisuke.

Call him.
Ask for help.
We’ll talk at School.

Accept his help.
Refuse his help.

As good as new ! 
The same as before.

I don’t have enemies.
Sakura ?
You !

Yeah, I’m in a hurry.
Why not ?
We didn’t come here together anyway.

That’s an Insult.
I want a hundred coins.

I know you weren’t !
Why ?
You were hoping I’d be dead.

What a rip-off !
I’ll pay.

I applied !
It was a tough fight.
I almost lost everything.

Don’t anser it !
Tell the truth.

Chapter 6 : Game Over

Mom, we can explain …
Let Daisuke speak.

I’ll earn some money.
You’ll believe Daisuke.
Daisuke is my backup.
You wouldn’t listen to me …

Great !
It’s hard …

Miso soup.
Scrambled eggs.
Grilled fish.

Change the subject.

I’m sorry.
Can I have my Equipment back ?
Please let me play.
The game can get us money.

I saw Daisuke.
Follow Daisuke.
I’m coming.

Are you awake ?
i still don’t have the Equipment.
I saw you …
Do you have a plan ?

Change the subject.
You’re part of the Family.
Don’t say anything.

Spook him.
Hi ! I’m here !
Wait to get noticed.

You ?!
Where’s Daisuke ?
Turn around and leave.

Chapter 7 : The Moment of Truth

Call Daisuke
Stay with Hiroki

And I’ve always loved yours.
I feel better off alone.

That’s not true !
You didn’t care to ask !

What’s set ?
I didn’t sign up for this !

I’ll play with Daisuke.
I’ll play with you, Hiroki.

Still, that’s crazy !
That needs  to be banned !

The usual.

Can I take a rain check ?
I have plans.

Criticize Hiroki.
Agree with Hiroki.


Chapter 8 : Glorious Come Back

Doing what ?
Never mind …

It’s my fault.
Change the subject.
I’m sorry, Hiroki.

Quit it !
I beg you …

Not yet.
I’m ready !

I need equipment.
I need potions.
Ignore him.

Shut up !
Ignore him.
Get out of the inn.

I do !
I have to ?

That’s a great idea !
I don’t think so.

I’ll use Magic.
I’ll shoot arrows at them.

Attack !

Yeah, we’re perfect !
We’re invincible !
Easy there, we’ve just started.

Me, of course !
We’ll go together !

Search the guards armor.
Break through !

Is she alive ?
How did she get here ?

Chapter 9 : Stuck in the middle

How positiv are you ?
Alright !
Nothing’s alright in here !

Fire Arrow.

You’re running away !
Stay here and help us !

Hug him !
Kiss him !

I want that artifact too !
Do you know where to find it ?

I thought you knew ?
That’s obvious …

I found the solution !
Look over there !
It’s a puzzle !

I’ll bring more stones !
I’ll stand on two tiles.

Search by touching.
Ask for help.

No ! You take it !
Okay !

Go back.
Go on without him.

I did not !
Does it matter ?

Chapter 10 : Coincidence or Fate

Thanks, Hiroki.
Why is my phone in your hands ?

I don’t know where my backpack is !
It seems I left my backpack in the library.
Change the subject.

Send a text to Hiroki.
Send a text to Daisuke.
Don’t disturb them.

Let Daisuke speak.
You speak first.

You like to see me smile ?
Are you happy like me ?


I didn’t forget about you.
Ignore him.

Stop fighting.
Don’t Interrupt the fight.
Do you want part of the reward ?

That’s right.
I can get a new one !

Tell the truth.

I’ll be home soon, mom.
No, I didn’t, mom …

No, mom!

I won it.
That’s a gift.
I don’t know.

Chapter 11 : Light at the End of the Tunnel

Give him a signal to leave.
Don’t say anything.

I doubt it.
Me too.

You wanna play ?
Will you let me play ?

That’s right.
Earning extra money will do us good.

Yay !
Thanks, mom !
And what if I fail ?

Call Daisuke.
Call Hiroki.

Say hi.
Wait till they see you.

You’re always that organized ?
Daisuke, relax.
Can’t wait.

I’d say that too !
Hiroki’s a real gentleman.
The flowers are beautiful. Thanks !

Do you have a plan ?
How many of them ?
Do we need help ?

Go with Daisuke.
Stay with Hiroki.

I’m in !
What do you mean ?

Chapter 12 : The Pleasure of the Danger

Why did you kiss me ?
You want me to punch you ?


I’d love to.
We could, but I’m not sure about it …

Daisuke, will you look at me ?
Are you done ?

I’m not mad.
Punch him !
Criticize Daisuke.

Ask him politely ?
Steal the map ?
Find the bandits by ourselfs ?

Ask Hiroki.
We’re running away from the inn.

Trust Hiroki.
Everything will be fine.
Me too…

Hand it to Daiksuke.
Why do you need it ?

Aren’t we gonna save Sakura ?
I agree.

Chapter 13 : Uniting

I have nothing.
Always !
We’ll observe.

Sure, Daisuke.
Don’t count on it.
Hiroki can do it too.

Free Sakura.
Help Hiroki.
Help Daisuke.

Kill all the bandits !
Threaten them never to do that again !

Where did you get that teleportation artifact ?
We’ll make a deal first !

Ignore them.

If I survive …
Never !
I already have.

Slap him.
Where did you get that ?

I haven’t.
I don’t think there’s any of it left.
Hiroki hasn’t checked ?!

I saw they put it in the chest.
I believe it was destroyed.
Why is that artifact important ?

Not so fast, Sakura !
Daisuke, you lied to us !

Spare us your bragging.
Really ?!

Chapter 14 : The Time of Darkness

I remember everything.
What do you mean ?

How can we get the last one ?
You knew, but didn’t say anything ?
Let’s find the third artifact.

What are we waiting for ?
Are we ready for this ?

How do we fight them ?
Why didn’t the shadows attack us ?

Out of this game !
Wherever we’ll be safe.

I’m not scared.
You surprised me …

I’m happy because of that.
What’s going to happen when we finish it ?

Kiss him.
You make me happy.

Call your mom.

You are my boyfriend.
I won’t say it again.

With Daisuke.
With Hiroki.
Avoid answering.

But you’ve already met Hiroki.
I don’t think they’ll come.

What did you find out ?
Why does Sakura interest you ?

Chapter 15 : The attraction of the Unknown

Why aren’t you answering ?
We nee to talk …
You liar !

I’m not worried about school.
I wish I could speed up the time.

Ignore her.
Turn around.

Mom! Why did you answer it ?
Ask for your phone.

I’m not …

I’ll open the door.
Mom, you open the door.

You have a sister ?
Nice to meet you.

Hiroki, tell us something about Saeko.
Saeko, tell us something about yourself.
Surely Daisuke has something to say.

Cause it’s awesome !
Cause we can do whatever we want.
It’s just a game, Mom …

Yes, you and Hiroki …
What are you getting at ?

Saeko’s overreacting  !
We’re a team.

Chapter 16 : When everything goes wrong

My mom isn’t feeling well.
I’m doomed !
Log into the game! Now! 

At Daisuke’s.
I’ll be right there.

You’ve got to stay.
I need Hiroki’s help.
You don’t wanna stay ?

Fire Arrow!
Summon a wolf!

Take the invisibility token.
Take the teleportation artifact.

He would’ve made it anyway.
You’re just being jealous.

Ignore Saeko.
Where did you get that idea ?
It doesn’t matter …

Tell me more about that …
That’s why I want to get out of it.

Alright …
I will, but later …
Daisuke nees me now !

You’ll throw away the VR Equipment.
I’ll be grounded.
I’ll be banned from hanging out with them.

It’s me, Lilica.
It’s me, Masuyo.

Allow him.
Avoid the kiss.

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